Multi-Media Marketing

Marketing plans developed in partnership with LMK Voce are created with your brand in mind, and might include traditional mediums such as print, radio or TV advertising.

Our objective is to recommend initiatives that are cost effective and impactful. Some projects might benefit most from direct mail, direct customer acquisition campaigns, online communications or social media.

No two plans are ever the same. We like using cookie cutters exclusively for baking.

Social Media Communication

Social Media continues to play a prominent role in helping businesses and organizations communicate to their audiences.  LMK Voce has been working within this world for many years.

Our process helps to not only set up and monitor accounts across several channels, but also crafts and maintains the language, tone and unique voice for the posts that your readers view on a daily basis.

Non-Profit Donor Relations

While the traditional direct mail appeal is certainly tried and true for many established not-for-profit organizations, there are now a multitude of ways to connect and engage in meaningful conversations with potential donors.

LMK Voce believes 100% in the importance of nurturing relationships and helps organizations’ staff and volunteer leadership develop the tools necessary to be successful in reaching their goals.